We would like to thank you for your interest in enrolling your child in our childcare facility. Before we enroll your child at Cradle 2 Crayons, Inc., we will schedule a short pre-admission conference with the director or assistant director. This meeting will give you and your child the opportunity to tour the center and will give us an opportunity to inform you of our program goals and policies.

Our Mission and philosophy

Our mission is to provide children from six weeks through twelve years old an environment for their physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development. Our environment stimulates a curiosity about the world and the ability to take pleasure in learning and exploring. We believe that children learn through play and exploration of their environment along with interacting with others. We are committed to treating every child with an encouraging and caring attitude. Everyone deserves respect!
kids on activity mat

Program Goals and objectives

 As a staff, we make every effort to be sensitive and responsive to the needs and interests of each child. In order to meet the needs of the developing children and provide quality care we have adopted a curriculum technique:
  • Encourages social development by providing opportunities for sharing, taking turns, making friends, resolving problems, helping others, recognizing and accepting others, cooperating on projects, and building self-esteem;
  • Encourages emotional development through verbal expressions of thoughts and feelings, experiencing rules and limits, experiencing kindness, justice and empathy, and recognizing and accepting emotions in others, to develop a respect for others individuals;
  • Develops responsibility for one’s own actions and leads to a child exercising appropriate independence;
  • Encourages the physical development of large motor skills through outdoor and indoor games and activities, as well as fine motor development using manipulative toys, blocks and puzzles, and small tools and objects;
  • Encourages creativity by offering many kinds of material and frequent experience in music, art, dramatics, literature and oral skills;
  • Encourages an interest in language through stories, puppetry, the housekeeping corner and its equipment, music, games, science materials, dramas, problem solving, and other conversations;
  • Facilitates intellectual, development by widening the child’s experience in order to increase knowledge, basic concepts, and skills.

About Our Staff

Owner/Director: Renee Brunson

Assistant Director: Demarus Martin

Infants: Brandie Williams

Infants 2: Trissa Carter

Infant/Toddler: Nikki Simmons

18 months to 2 years: Jessica Julian

2 to 3 years: Karen Weatherly

K-3: Lisa Jones

K-4: Tracy Devine

School-Age: Angie Harrison

Aides: Cheryl Prochazka

children and instructors playing outdoor game
Call us today to talk about your child's needs: (251) 943-4599